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Unlocking content items in Plone 3.0

Posted by admin at Sep 17, 2009 04:55 |

The quick-and-dirty way to unlock locked content items in Plone 3.0.

Should you ever be playing with a content management system wondering what content you are gonna fill it with, stop worrying: the CMS itself is very likely to give you something to write about.

Here is my latest example: Something which seems to have annoyed quite some people about Plone 3.0 is the automatic locking of objects, which often seems to be caused by the inline editing feature. John DeStefano has suggested a method to unlock those items again which I couldn't reproduce on my own Plone 3.0.6 site. The Plone site itself also claims that for 3.0 there is a straightforward way of unlocking objects, without providing any details on how this is supposed to work.

The easiest way I could figure out is a classic hack: switch from a content item's 'view' page to its edit page and back again. Voila, the unlock symbol disappears and you should be able again to delete, cut, etc. that particular item.

Alternatively, there also seems to be the quintagroup.dummylocking add-on, which turns off Plone's locking mechanism globally.

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