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Angstrom on the Beagle Board

Posted by admin at Nov 09, 2008 08:16 |

Installing Koen's unofficial Angstrom Open Embedded image on the Beagle Board. And some preliminary research on how to get Pure Data to run on the board.

Angstrom on the Beagle Board

Beagle Board running Angstrom Open Embedded (with Rocky Mountains in the back)


Yesterday I had a look at how to get Pure Data anywhere (PDa) to run on the Beagle Board. The short story is I still don't know, but it seemed that it might be an easier task with the unofficial Angstrom image rather than the bare bones system I had installed the day before. So I kept myself busy installing Angstrom on the Beagle Board, which went pretty smoothly and had the ironic effect that the smallest, cheapest, and least powerful of my computers now runs the fanciest, most colorful and resource-demanding desktop system (see picture). I haven't done any audio testing yet. This is gonna be interesting, because there used to be trouble with the ALSA driver.

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