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Posted by admin at Nov 21, 2008 04:55 |

Today I did some more Beagle Board wrestling and got help from Spencer Russell and Hans-Christoph Steiner in trying to get Pure Data (anywhere) going on the Board.

Spencer Russell sent a BitBake recipe for compiling regluar Pd on the Beagle Board, which according to him compiles fine but gave him kernel panics when actually run on the board (which are probably related to a problem with the ALSA driver, though). I researched that direction a bit, because I am really interested in using regular Pd on the board. What's also nice about Spencer's recipe is that it seems to compile Pd without GUI. But just before I was about to try my own compile, Hans-Christoph Steiner sent me his bitbake recipes for 'PD anywhere' (PDa) and for a complete Angstrom image focusing on PDa as its only application; basically just what I need. I am currently compiling this and am curious to see how it works out.

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