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Miscellaneous progress

Posted by admin at Nov 10, 2008 03:10 |

Audio output working Koen's recent Angstrom demo image; switching between standard image and the Angstrom image

So it is possible on the Beagle Board to switch between different SD cards in order to boot different images. Also, today I successfully played back an .mp4 video with mplayer on Angstrom, and by doing so confirmed that audio (at least output) is working on Koen's recent demo images. The other thing is that this demo image does not include any tool to record audio (such as arecord), so I couldn't test audio input. More surprising, the image does not seem to include the ipkg packet management system (the equivalent of dpkg on embedded system), so re-using existing packets for installing software (e.g. Pure Data) on the board is not going to be an option. It seems to me that I will have to set up my own Open Embedded build chain tomorrow, in order to be able to cross-compile software for the Beagle Board on my host machine. Maybe I'll even take the opportunity and try to compile my own Angstrom image for the Beagle Board. After all, I don't really need Gimp, Abiword, etc., which are installed on the demo image. And I found out another thing: the Beagle Board's sound card input does not provide voltage to electret microphones, so I need to use the A3 adaptor which comes with my Soundman OKM II binaural microphones.

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