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Pd patching

Posted by admin at Nov 20, 2008 01:28 |

Yesterday I started the Pd patch for my project in Banff.

Things have been moving along since, and I now have a fun little patch which takes input from a binaural mic and does some realtime transformations like gradually swapping left and right channels through a crossfade, dynamically delaying the input signal, mixing the raw output from the microphones with its processed version, etc. It also records sounds to tables for later playback and can play back pre-produced soundfiles. All those transformations can now be specified in a score-like fashion through a text file processed by [qlist].

I just ran a brief test on my Eee PC. It's fun, but there is always this difference between how you imagine things to sound like and what they then actually sound like. So there's more work ahead.

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