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'Pd anywhere' installed on Beagle Board

Posted by admin at Nov 14, 2008 06:05 |

I managed to compile Pure Data anywhere (PDa) for the Beagle Board.

I am proud to report that I got Guenter Geiger's 'Pd anywhere' (PDa) running on the Beagle Board today. Having said that, I seem to have been bitten by Tk bug 2010422, which is the result of a too-new X version coupled with a too-old Tk version and translates to the Pd GUI not working. Since I was hoping to test audio with PDa through its GUI, I couldn't test audio yet. I will have to build a test patch and then try to start Pd with the --no-gui option. Or head straight for my own Angstrom build.

I found out yesterday that both Hans-Christoph Steiner and Spencer Russell have recently compiled 'Pd anywhere' for the Beagle Board as well. Hans-Christoph seems to be heading towards a customized Open Embedded built with Pure Data as its main application, which can then be used to give various old hardware (PDAs, iPods, etc.) a new life as a Pd patch player. See this link for more information. The Open Embedded design of having one build chain for various architectures is actually really sweet.

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