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Building a Portable Realtime Audio Processor (PRAP) based on TI's Beagle Board.

Beagle Board setup options
A summary of the various options of getting Linux to run on the Beagle Board.
Beagle Board verification
How I verified that my Beagle Board actually works and set up communication with the board through the serial port under both Windows and Linux.
Installing the standard image
How I got the Beagle Board to boot the 'official' (non-Angstrom) Linux image from SD card and did some peripheral tests, including a successful test of audio input and output.
Installing the Angstrom demo image
How I installed the demo image of the Angstrom OpenEmbedded distribution on the Beagle Board.
Switching between images
How to switch between booting the Beagle Board from the standard image and from the Angstrom demo image, using different SD cards for the two images and resetting the boot parameters.
Open Embedded build environment
How to set up ones own Open Embedded build chain on Debian GNU/Linux.
Tcl/Tk for the Beagle Board
Building Tcl/Tk packages for the Beagle Board with the Open Embedded build environment.
'Pd anywhere' on the Beagle Board
Installing 'Pd anywhere' (PDa) on the Beagle Board. Note that this is an ongoing project, so read to the end before trying this!
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