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Installing the Angstrom demo image

How I installed the demo image of the Angstrom OpenEmbedded distribution on the Beagle Board.

There is a couple of different tutorials out there on how to install Koen's Angstrom OpenEmbedded demo image running on the Beagle Board. I mainly followed the one on the community Wiki, mostly because it doesn't claim that installing a new bootloader is necessary, such asan alternative tutorial

does. So I decided to push my luck and - for a change - it payed off. There is also a forum thread on the Angstrom installation, which you might fin interesting.

SD card formatting and preparation

Since I had already solved the problem of communicating with the Beagle Board through its serial port earlier, I headed straight for the setup of the SD card. I got the following files from

As mentioned earlier, I got away with using the original boot loader, so the following file turned out not to be needed:

I pretty much sticked to the tutorial for formatting my Transcend 1GB SD card, apart from that I decided to use ext2 rather than ext3 for the file system of the second partition (a not-very-well argued attack of Flash memory wearout paranoia). I dedicated the first 51 cylinders to the FAT32 partition, and the remaining cylinders (52-123 in my case) to the ext2 partition.

Booting Angstrom, Login, Keyboard trouble

And that's really all there was to it. The rest of the tutorial went like a charm, and since the boot loader behaved so well, I soon was confronted with an enlightening Enlightenment Desktop. Two more things are worth mentioning, though: The standard root password for the Angstrom image is empty, so when you still want to log in through a serial connection from your host machine, just type 'root' at the login prompt. And the first two keyboards I tried with the Beagle Board (through a self-powered USB hub attached to the board's OTG port) did not work. I suspect that the reason for this is that both of them included their own USB ports to attach a mouse to, because the third keyboard which I tried didn't have that, and it worked.

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