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Music for Lovers

'Music for Lovers' at the Broadcast Gallery Dublin.

When Aug 28, 2009 11:00 to
Aug 31, 2009 05:00
Where Broadcast Gallery, Fine Art Department, Dublin Institute of Technology, St Josephs Convent, Portland Row, Dublin 1
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Music for Lovers will be premiered at the Broadcast Gallery Dublin as part of an exhibition accompanying the 'Sound Network Space' panel at ISEA 2009.

Music for Lovers is a series of works which touches on the listening experience shared by two people who are close - either in the emotional or in the spatial sense of the word, or both. This experience is personal but not exclusive, private but shared, intimate but not solitary. To love is to put oneself in somebody else's shoes. Or ears. Music for Lovers facilitates this process by allowing two people to exchange what they are hearing.

Sound technology is almost exclusively used for communication in the absence of a common physical space. Phones allow people to communicate over distances, concert recordings allow them to experience events outside of their original location. Where space is shared - at a dinner table or in a one-on-one conversation during a walk - there seems to be no need for a technological mediation of listening. But two people occupying the same space do by no means have identical auditory experiences. For example, the acoustic impressions of space experienced by two people in a face-to-face conversation are exactly mirrored. Understanding the other person's point of view (or whatever the acoustic equivalent of that would be) becomes a matter of extrapolating from ones own, which opens the door for misinterpretations.

The present incarnation of Music for Lovers allows people to 'swap ears' and thereby puts sound technology in the service of the receiving rather than the transmitting qualities of communication. You are invited to try Music for Lovers together with another gallery visitor in and around the gallery. The other person does not actually have to be your lover; it can also be a friend who you came with or a complete stranger who happens to be visiting the gallery as well.

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