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Site-specific mp3s by Florian Hollerweger (2008)


'interroutes' consists of a collection of site-specific MP3 files, which you are invited to download to your portable music player and play in the environments indicated by their titles.


  • From SARC to the Peter Froggatt Centre (8'45") Start this walk in front of SARC; walk towards the main QUB building; enter it through its main entrance; proceed to the Peter Froggatt Centre through the courtyard; spend some time in the Peter Froggatt Centre.
  • 5 Minutes in the Black and White Hall (5'00") The Black and White Hall is the one you pass through when entering the main Queen's University building. Spend five minutes there. You can also try to close your eyes for parts or the entire duration of the piece.
  • Lunchbreak Botanic Gardens (24'48") Listen to this piece while relaxing in the Botanic Gardens.


Follow this link for a map of the various locations.


  • Play the files in the environments indicated by their titles.
  • Play them using your portable music player (e.g. iPod).
  • Play them through standard (open) earbuds, not through headphones or in-ear (closed) earphones. You want to be able to hear the sounds from your environment as you are listening to these pieces.
  • Play the files at the playback volume at which you usually listen to music. They contain very little sound, so do not be tricked into thinking thatplayback "doesn't work". Not listening to the piece, but listening itself is the focus of this work. What is in the piece? What is in the world? But watch out while crossing any streets ;-)
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