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A Matlab Library for the Design of Periphonic Loudspeaker Layouts.


The generation of loudspeaker layouts for periphonic sound spatialization systems is a non-trivial task, just like the underlying mathematical problem: the homogeneous distribution of a number of points on the surface of a sphere. According approaches have a long tradition in mathematics (platonic solids, geodesic spheres) as well as in physics (minimal energy configurations). However, neither of these fullfills all the requirements of periphonic loudspeaker layouts, such as arbitrary choice of the number of loudspeakers, possibility of psychoacoustical optimization (loudspeaker density as a function of the ear's spatial resolution) and the consideration of practical limitations (forbidden and explicitely demanded loudspeaker positions). Through a hybrid approach of the strategies mentioned above, it is possible to overcome the limitations of each single method and create a universal tool for the design of three-dimensional loudspeaker layouts. The theoretical background for this has been described in the author's diploma thesis. This project was concerned with the practical implementation of the developed theory and has resulted in the 3LD Library for Loudspeaker Layout Design, which includes features for the generation, visualization and evaluation of periphonic loudspeaker layouts.


GNU General Public License (v2)

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