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'Ohrenli(e)der'. Compositions for Listener

Paper presented at the 2008 Spring Conference of the Institute of Acoustics, University of Reading, UK.


The title of the 'Ohrenli(e)der' series of compositions can either be read as 'Ohrenlider' (earlids) or 'Ohrenlieder' (earsongs). The scores are realized in postcard format, with generic textual instructions on the back page and a graphical representation of the respective song on the front page. The notation instructs the performer, who is identical with the audience, to 'open' and 'close' her left and right ears by the means of her fingers, hands or any other suitable instrument, following the notated temporal structure. This creates a two-part counterpoint of filtering effects between the two extremes of 'silence' – or, to be more precise, the sounds we hear with 'fully closed' ears – and the undisturbed soundscape. No additional sounds are created during the performance. The pieces can be performed in everyday situations like on the train, while waiting for the dentist, etc. Their intention is to offer an engaging way of increasing ones own awareness and appreciation towards the personal acoustic environment.

Full text

Not (yet) available on this site. The proceedings of this conference are for sale online, so I first need to sort out whether it's legally possible for me to host my own article.

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